What treatments do we provide?

Physio Well-th offers scientific based medical treatment for numerous physical conditions. All treatments are natural and medicine free and aim to help the body heal itself. Treatment is based on a thorough history of your injury/condition followed by a thorough objective assessment of the condition which involves a number of physical tests. This process helps to ascertain the actual problem, and in turn helps derive numerous treatment strategies including:

  • Soft and deep tissue massage
  • Remedial tissue releases
  • Joint mobilizations
  • Joint manipulations
  • Exercises to strengthen and help stretch muscles, which in turn can correct muscular imbalances
  • Postural corrections
  • Exercise to help strengthen and help increase endurance in muscles for rehabilitation
  • Heat/cold treatment
  • Electrotherapy

Traditional and some newer more alternative techniques unique to Physio Well-th

Very effective form of exercise which focuses on perfection and control of movement to get best results. It is based on specific body and movement principles to help strengthen the core muscles which help us lose weight, tone and strengthen our body. Excellent form of therapeautic exercise when taught correct to help with back pain, tight muscles, weak shoulders, post surgery and post injury rehabilitation. Emphasis on training the inner and outer unit muscles more effectively, leading to better results in pain, posture, strength and control.
Dry Needling is a form of Acupuncture (concentrates on the more musculoskeletal sides as opposed to internal conditions). It aims to normalise muscle tone by stimulating release of the body’s natural relaxing chemicals to the affected area. Integrated Dry Needling is a more advanced form of Dry Needling and it incorporates a hybrid of concepts from Chinese and Japanese acupuncture as well as traditional Dry Needling. Using this new needling style has greatly improved patient outcomes even more than the traditional Dry Needling that we had already been practicing. It has been an excellent addition to our practice.
Taught to us by American specialised physiotherapists, Muscle energy techniques are based on the philosophy that the muscle spindles can be reset and relaxed to help relax muscles in constant spasm, all the way from the neck and shoulder down to the Lumbo-pelvic girdle. The techniques are very gentle, safe and very effective. This has been a vital addition to our treatment selection as it has helped address muscle dysfunction more effectively.
It involves a special hand held trigger device to deliver very precise and measurable doses of force to help reset and re-align dysfunctional joints. Very effective treatment strategy established on a very precise assessment and treatment method based on the positional fault theory. It is used to treat joints of the whole body from the complicated neck, mid back, low back, hips and tail bone, to the ribs, shoulder, elbow wrist, hand, knee, and foot bones. This technique has revolutionised our understanding of the body and has dramatically increased patient outcomes. It is easy, fun and very effective. We are fortunate enough to have the FIRST and so far ONLY Victorian therapist to be trained nationally in this new concept, directly from the creator.
Massage is proven to help circulation and to reduce tension and stiffness in muscles and joints. We perform all forms from gentle tissue relaxation massage to trigger point and acupressure style releases and remedial style massage depending on the condition we are treating.
We can apply pressure to certain joints and tissue to help slide them back into their correct position. This can allow for relaxation of the tense muscles and other structures around the joint. Ultimately this leads to more movement and less pain and allows the body to accelerate its own healing process. Has to be done very specifically to get correct re-alignment of joints and spinal segments.
Physiokey therapy has been a valuable addition to our practice and has provided great relief to many of our patients. It is a new device and technology designed and manufactured in Germany that aims to stimulate and regulate the nervous system to reduce pain in muscles, joints and nerves which ultimately restores movement and function. We have been using this device on many different patients with all sorts of conditions and have had great success. Again as proof of our ongoing development and commitment to provide the best service, we are the first physiotherapy clinic in Victoria to be trained and to use this revolutionary medical technology.