Frequently Asked Questions

We are primary health care professionals, meaning that you do not need a doctors’ referral to see us as a private patient. However, if you feel you are eligible to get some free sessions under Medicare, or if you are a Work Cover, TAC or DVA patient, you do need to get a referral from your GP.
Unfortunately, physiotherapy is not bulk billed like Medical clinics are. However, if you have some sort of chronic condition (such as Diabetes) then you may be able to get some free bulk billed sessions. This is totally at the discretion of your doctor. So please ask your doctor about this program and find out if you eligible for some free sessions.
Our physiotherapist will first ask you some certain questions and get a detailed history of your concern/injury/complaint. After getting some ideas from the detailed history, we will then perform certain specific physical tests to get an understanding of what may physically be the problem. Using information from the history and the physical exam, certain treatment techniques will then be selected and trialled to help get the fastest and best results.
We understand that work injuries and motor accident injuries require some special care and closer attention. It is always advisable to contact your employer, employer insurance company or the TAC to confirm whether your claim has been 100% approved and if you are now covered to see us. We will then automatically bill the insurance company meaning you don’t have to stress, as we will take full responsibility from here on. One less hassle to deal with!
Yes. It is legally your choice who you wish to see. Just bring the referral in to us and we will contact your doctor to advice that we are now treating you. This will also ensure that we are in direct communication with your GP, meaning that the best joint decisions will be made to help you with your concerns.
It is very common to feel a bit tender or sore after the treatment or even the next day. However this is just the body adjusting itself to what has been done and is very normal. If you do feel pain after a treatment, don’t stress, it will settle itself down very quickly!

In the ideal world, all patients would come to see us for regular maintenance to help prevent any serious future injuries! Prevention is the key. Our scientific training also allows us to perform various types of gentle to deep remedial massages to help relax or just stretch out those tight muscles. Remember, we always service our cars at every 10,000km to help prevent any unwanted problems! Our bodies should be exactly the same! Especially with the very stressful lives that we all now lead, it is always good to come in just to ease some of that tension away, in order to prevent something from seriously happening at a later stage.

If your only concern is strength and fitness, we specialise in that as well! This is the fun and easy part! We can design and teach very specific exercises for you to help reach your fitness and strength goals. We are very active in sports so we take our exercise seriously.