Physio Services

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

If sports injury is affecting you or someone you know, come and let us help the healing process and help guide you on your journey to recovery. We use various techniques and treatments for different conditions to help you recover. We treat all injuries caused from sport including body parts such as backs, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles! If you wish to have a pre-season or pre – sport assessment, this is even better. We always believe in prevention and know how to give you professional instruction on how to stay injury free and perform your best!

Arthritic Care and Pain Management

Don’t let arthritis fill you with doom and gloom! Just because you have been diagnosed with arthritis does not mean you always have to suffer the pain. We can help your arthritic joints move better and feel better using various techniques and treatments. Arthritis can affect all age groups young and old and it is important to understand that things can be done to help pain levels.

Pre and Post Surgical Rehab

Treatment in preparation before a surgery is always best practice as the better you are before surgery, the better you will recover after surgery. This is called Pre – hab and then the important recovery treatment after surgery is known as rehab. We offer individualised care and treatment for people who are going to or have already had surgery. We treat patients for all types of surgeries such as spinal surgeries, shoulder repairs, hip or knee replacements or knee ligament reconstruction just to name a few. Give us a call and see if we can help you recover from your musculoskeletal injury.

Pregnancy Care for Before and After Birth

This is a very special but challenging phase in life for females both mentally and physically. We take pride in helping clients feel as comfortable as possible during the pregnancy by helping with back pain, tension and by continuing to provide exercises. After birth is equally important as the body can undergo many forms of pain and discomfort whether its in the neck, shoulders or low back. We can help settle down the pain and help you get strong again and back in control of your body.

Strength and Conditioning

We can help provide an individual based exercise plan for those who wish to strengthen their body. This is important if you wish to feel more secure and stronger during sport or during your everyday tasks. We have extensive experience in the gym industry and can help determine which exercises are safe and which are more detrimental to your strengthening regime.

Core Strengthening

Core strength is vital to help us function strongly and to give our spine strength so that our body is supported during all activities but especially for walking, bending, running, lifting and sporting activities. Our core area is your abdominal or stomach regions, but it is not just about your 6 pack! its about muscles which are even deeper which we need to strengthen via correct exercises. We help people regain control of their core via various specific exercises and via correct Pilates based exercises. Very important for pregnancy and post pregnancy as well as for people who just want to get stronger!

Back Pain Treatment

Back pain affects nearly all of us either personally or from friends or family who are suffering. Back pain can be very debilitating and can negatively impact all aspects of life from work, to social life, personal relationships and not to mention the financial burden it can also place on people. Back pain is very unique to everyone and the cause and symptoms can be very different in everyone. Some people feel great after 1 session, whereas others may require surgery. Due to this difference in type of back pain, a correct assessment is required to help ascertain what treatment path will need to be taken. All treatment pathways MUST be individualised for the client as their problem is always different to someone elses. We use many different techniques to help create a change. Please check what treatments do we use to see different forms of treatments.

Neck Pain, Headaches and Migraines

Neck pain, headaches or migraines can be very frustrating to all those who suffer from it. But unfortunately many people just put up with it instead of doing something about it. In many clients it can be helped and symptoms can be improved significantly. A thorough assessment must be performed to figure out what may be causing the problem and if it is related to your bones and muscles or if it is related to something else. We have helped many people with neck pain and headache problems and everyone has had different areas which have needed to be treated. So do something about the problem in the neck and let us help you!

Shoulder Rehabilitation Clinic

Shoulder Injuries can be very frustrating and can definitely slow down return back to daily activities. People often describe pain on lifting abouve shoulder height or on pushing or pulling as well. Shoulder injuries need correct assessment as there can be many causes which can lead to pain in the shoulder. It can come from the neck, the spine and of course more direct areas within the shoulder itself.

We offer various treatments to help people with shoulder pain and arm pain and have helped many back to a speedy recovery so they can go back to performing their normal activities pain free.

Elbow and Wrist Injury Clinic

Elbow and Wrist injuries can develop usually from either repetitive strain and poor movement control or from direct trauma. We can help with your elbow pain such as tennis or golfers elbow and other joint and muscle conditions that may present in your elbow. We also have a special interest in wrist and hand injuries. The sooner someone comes in for treatment, the better the chance of recovery.
Physio Well-th therapist massaging patient's legs

Knee Pain and Instability Management

Knee pain can be caused by different variables. It can be due to poor mechanics in the feet or due to direct abnormalities in the knee structure or even due to poor hip and poor back control. Let us perform a thorough assessment and discover what is causing and what may help your knee pain. We treat knee arthritis, meniscus and ligament issues as well as pre and post-surgical issues to name a few.