Shoulder Pain

Physio Well-th provides care for shoulder pain sufferers from the surrounding areas of Keilor Downs, Keilor, East Keilor, St. Albans, Delahey, Kings Park, Taylors Lakes, Sydenham, Melton, Taylors Hill, Caroline Springs, Burnside, Tenterfield, Cairnlea, Kealba and Deer Park, as well as the wider areas. 

Shoulder pain can present itself in many ways. Generally shoulder pain is a result of injury to various structures within the shoulder area such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and nerves. Most of the structures that are often injured are the structures which lie within and around the sub-acromial joint.  Often shoulder pain can either be because of some acute traumatic incident such as lifting or falling on the shoulder. Other times it can progress slowly and get worse with time leading to things such as tears or bursitis. This usually happens with poor mechanics of the shoulder joint and due to repetitive movements. 


A big reason people get wear and tear of their joint is due to poor shoulder blade control. This control is also known as scapula-thoracic rhythm and incorrect movement of this area over time can lead to overuse in the shoulder. Because many muscles of the shoulder originate around the spinal area of the neck and the mid back, spinal dysfunction and stiffness can also lead to problems of the shoulder. Many of the nerves of the upper shoulder and arm, also come from the spinal areas of the neck and mid back, so stiffness here, can cause nerve related problems down the arm as well.  

Common shoulder injuries that we see here at Physio Well-th are : 

  • Rotator Cuff Tears, Strains, Sprains 
  • Shoulder bursitis or tendon inflammation such as tendonitis 
  • Shoulder Calcifications 
  • Unilateral or Multi-Directional Instability (MDI) 
  • After a shoulder dislocation  
  • Frozen shoulder 
  • Sports related inflammation and pain of the shoulder eg swimming, throwing etc


Symptoms can vary depending on the underlying cause. These may include: 

  • Clicking of the shoulder 
  • Impingement and pain on elevation of the shoulder 
  • Pain on lifting weighted object 
  • Ache around the shoulder area and even down the upper arm, to name a few 
  • Inability to sleep on the shoulder 
  • Pain on repetitive movements of the shoulder 


Your physiotherapist at Physio Well-th will perform a thorough assessment of your neck and shoulder area to ascertain possible problem areas and probable underlying causes of your shoulder pain. Various treatment techniques (see treatments) will be used, such as: 

  • Massage: to help release tension and trigger points within muscles. This aids in circulation to help restore normal movement and control in muscles.  
  • Exercise: to stretch tight muscles and to strengthen weak muscles. Provides circulation to these muscles to stop them from spasm and allows them to continue functioning correctly 
  • Dry needling: to help release trigger points and help encourage release of our body’s own ‘good’ chemicals to help resolve inflammation, swelling and pain. 
  • Joint mobilisations: to help mobilise stiff and dysfunctional joints which are not working correctly the way they should be. 
  • Advice and teach correct movement patterns: to help prevent the body from slipping back into these negative postures, therefore helping to relieve the prolonged pressure and tension on tissues. 


So do you have shoulder pain? Stop neglecting it, chances are it will only get worse. Come in and see the physiotherapist here at Physio Well-th and let us help you in your journey of comfort.