Cortisone Injections – What you MUST know about cortisone

Earlier today I was a treating a patient with shoulder pain and the discussion about cortisone injections came up. The patient had asked if I think a cortisone injection would benefit them. I told them that the answer was a bit more complicated so I thought it was a great time to discuss everything that […]

How to manage those restricting headaches!

Over the past month, we’ve seen a drastic increase in patients looking for relief from painful headaches. Totally understandable too, they can really interfere with your daily life and make it difficult to complete simple everyday tasks! Keep reading, we’re going to share what the most common causes are and what we can do to […]

Are you suffering with shoulder pain?

Did you know that 10% of the population suffer with shoulder pain at any one time? Many of my patients who I’ve seen and treated with shoulder injuries (and there has been a few lately) never knew how much they relied on their shoulder movement until they started experiencing pain. The shoulder is a complex […]

Keep your spine feeling fine: Do’s and don’ts for a healthy spine

You probably don’t pay it much attention, but your spine is the part of your body which holds the show together. Comprising thirty-three individual bones stacked on top of each other, the spine provides the main support for your skeletal system while housing and protecting the central nervous system of your body, the vitally important […]

Avoiding the office bore: How to maintain a healthy back at work

Woman suffers back pain while in the office.

Back pain – nobody wants it, but most of us have it. And the worst part about it? When someone asks how you hurt your back, the answer is totally devoid of any glamour. As much as you’d love to suggest that you injured yourself scoring the winning goal in your teams grand final or […]