Is your child’s joint pain a real problem?

We’ve all heard of growing pains, but when your child or teenager complains about having sore knees, feet or hips, it’s worth getting a second opinion. Although we tend to think of the teenage years as the body’s healthiest time, the reality is that the extreme rate of physical change that the body experiences during […]

Some great tips for Injury Prevention in Sports Players

We see a lot of athletes come through the clinic asking how they can prevent further injuries. We see a great deal of patients with injuries due to poor prevention techniques, so today I really want to shed some light on the topic, to help you get back to the game or activity that you […]

Why do I have Neck Pain?

Roadwork’s during peak hour. Screaming kids on flights (someone else’s, or worse, your own). The neighbours’ house alarm that goes off when they are on holiday. All of the above are certified pains in the neck and unfortunately, little research has been done into how best to prevent their occurrence. Even worse than these figurative […]

Understanding Sciatica

Physio Well-th therapist attending to a woman suffering from neck and back pain

5 tips to prevent a painful bout of Sciatica Sciatica is a term to describe pain anywhere down or along the sciatic nerve which is a large nerve extending from the lower back, down the thigh to the back of each leg. It can reveal itself as weakness, numbness, and tingling, burning or shooting pain […]

How to get rid of back pain once and for all

Here at Physio Well-th, we see a lot of patients suffering from back pain. You see, as an expert in back pain management, I see a lot of weird and wonderful things in the clinic and I get asked a lot of questions. So today, I want to shed some light on how you can […]